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Game Design

Map design
Level design
Game design
Puzzle design
Encounter Design
Cutscene scripting
AI pathing
Race pathing
Gameplay pacing and balancing
Agile Development (Scrum, Lean)
Certified Scrum Master / Product Owner


SVN, GitHub
Alienbrain, Perforce
Visual Studio
Microsoft Office & Google Docs

Game Engines

Unity 2019
Unreal 4


October 2017 - present

Jagex: Senior Level Designer

Senior level designer currently working on an unannounced Action RPG using Unreal 4

  • Responsible for driving the world design whilst adhering to the game director's overall vision

  • Map layout design and vision

  • Greybox prototyping using Maya and Unreal heightmaps

  • Encounter Design

  • Entity placement

  • Gameplay balancing and pacing

  • Working with programmers to enhance tooling

  • Scripted encounters using UE4 Blueprints

  • Gameplay design

  • Experience as a product owner and Jira management

  • Experience conducting sprint planning and sprint reviews

  • Driving level design best practice

  • Level design mentor-ship

  • Attending conferences and knowledge sharing

July 2016 - July 2017

Gree Games Inc: Senior Level Designer

Responsible for managing the design and creation of free to play FPS levels and missions whilst maintaining the lead designers overall vision.

  • Greybox modelling in Maya for First Person Shooter levels

  • Prefab creation in Maya and Unity

  • Contributing to overall game and UX design

  • Creating scenes in Unity for missions

  • Mission design and scripting for sniper and assault rifle gameplay

  • Mission balancing

  • Mission flow and pacing

  • Enemy and entity placement

  • Tools creation for in house editor

February 2008 - July 2016

Torus Games: Level Designer

Worked on 18 console titles as part of a 5 man level design team spanning multiple genres including racing, platforming, action/adventure, puzzle, party game, strategy, open world and tactical turn based

  • Gameplay and mission scripting

  • Greybox modelling in Maya

  • Designed fun and interesting puzzles (2D and 3D)

  • Created exciting and balanced combat scenarios

  • Camera placement

  • Level entity placement

  • Load region management

  • Collision creation

  • Objective and save point implementation

  • Overall balancing

  • Track design

2012: Contract

Brawsome: Level Designer

Responsible for designing and creating all the puzzle rooms for the award winning indie puzzle game Macguffins Curse

  • Designed and built all levels using in house unity tool

  • Puzzle design

  • Game pacing and balance

  • Contribution to game design

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